Esmerilda Clarke

Guidance and help for watching live stream

What is the best device to watch on?
1. An IPad, IPhone, Tablet
2. A PC will work, however the browser settings and proxys if not correct can cause issues loading the stream.
(Suggestion: Turn off the ‘auto-lock’ function on your device so it does not turn off during the service.
On an iphone settings>display&brightness>Auto-Lock>Never)

How do I start the video?
The steps are simple,
  1. Click the link to the browser.
  2. Enter the password
  3. Click Watch Video

Does it matter where I am or how many are watching?
– No, it is streamed through Vimeo and Vimeo has no limits or boundaries, as long as you have reasonable internet connection… it will connect.

I can see the screen, but I cannot hear anything?
– Check that your device and browser is not on MUTE, try turning up the volume.
– I may have the sound off as staff prepare the chapel, move chairs, talk logistics etc.

I watched the service, and all was good.
– I would really welcome your feedback so I can tell others who are thinking of having the service streamed, how others watched the service and how it made them feel, especially if you were not able to get to the funeral or live in another country.
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