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Funeral Video, Photography & Audio Visual Services is

our passion and profession


Our team is experienced in capturing the essence of the funeral ceremony with sensitivity and respect, ensuring that every moment is preserved for you to revisit in the future.


We use high-quality equipment to capture clear and beautiful photos of the service, and we work discreetly to ensure that we do not disrupt the proceedings.


We use high-quality equipment to capture clear audio and video footage of the service, and we work discreetly to ensure that we do not disrupt the proceedings.

Tell The Unique Story Of

Your Loved One

Capturing the love, compassion, and generosity shown by those in attendance is a beautiful way to remember the person who has passed and to celebrate their life. It’s important to be respectful and discreet when taking photographs or recording video, so as not to interrupt the natural flow of the funeral or disturb those who are grieving.

It is a very sad time right now with the Corona virus preventing mass gathering and limiting funerals to immediate family.This now prevents extended family and friends attending the funeral who desperately want to say their ‘goodbyes’, but are unable to do so.

We can help you with this. We are a professional in Filming & Photographing with over 10 years in both commercial and social events. I only use professional video and audio equipment enabling to be very discreet but capture a highly professional recording.



Sue H

I have just watched Enid’s funeral.  Thank you so much for doing this.  I am currently isolating and couldn’t attend it person, it was lovely to feel that I was taking part.

No problems with the technology. It’s a great service that you are doing, thank you.


Wendy W

Thank you for enabling me to attend the funeral of my friend , Adele F, albeit at a distance.I was very sad that I was unable to attend in person, but to watch the video was a real consolation, and it all worked very smoothly. Thank you again.


Philip & Marian S

Thank you very much for the video linK for the funeral of Alan P it worked extremely well & we felt part of the service which was a lovely tribute to Alan’s life.

In these strange times we really felt part of the service.


Theresa G

Thank you for making the video of Peggie’s funeral mass so easy to log into and allow me and others to take part in the service. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Many thanks.